Al-Ghad is a humanitarian organization

Al-Ghad is a non-governmental, non-profit, humanitarian organization that has been working in the front lines of crisis, disaster, and poverty in Iraq for more than 16 years. Al-Ghad is a non-governmental,


Our Activities

Achievement the Strategies

Achievement the strategies through coordination between governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Provide Periodical Research

Provide periodical researches for women and children (nursing homes, kindergartens, nurseries, kindergartens and medical directorates) in cooperation with the Child Research Unit of Diyala University.

Release weekly and monthly

Release weekly and monthly magazines related to women's and children's issues

Provide Educational and Recreational

Provide educational and recreational programs for woman and child through cooperation with media outlets (radio and television).

The establishment of multiple and continuous

The establishment of multiple and continuous courses in the field of computer education and the production of computer programs to facilitate learning and understanding of the child,

Provide sports and art activities

Provide sports and art activities for children to develop their skills and abilities and encourage them to learn and discover their talents.

Promoting sustainable development

Our Standards

Security is Priority

The aim of league security policies is to provide safety for every member, including guests

Women Empowerment

The league seeks to advance women participation in many ways, including gender equality in employment,

Child Protection

The importance of children's protection rights is critical to any organization or group that deals

Monitoring & Evaluation

The projects teams are committed to set weekly review meetings in order to monitor the


After the Strike: Exposing the Civilian}

After the Strike: Exposing the Civilian}

Social Cohesion and Women's Economic Empowerment}

Establishment and building community dialogue}

Explosive Hazard Mitigation &  Behaviour change}



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